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Kenya’s dairy industry switches from cows to camels | Global Ideas

The cow is the most important farm animal in parts of Africa but climate change is threatening the existence of the animal. Recurring droughts and extreme heat are making cows unable to produce essential milk. Camel produces milk in harsh conditions where other farm animals are hard to survive. In Kenya, a group of farmers has found an alternative to camel milk.

Woman and camel milk in Africa
Woman and camel milk in Kenya, Africa. Camel milk could be the next superfood—thanks to East Africa

Unlike cows, camels can withstand long periods of extreme drought and still produce milk all year round. Some 200 women have already made the switch from cow to camel milk. Camel milk is healthier and pleasant in taste. The move has improved living conditions for many, especially because they are able to sell milk from their camels at a competitive price. In the following links, you can read further about the emerging camel dairies in the horn of Africa.