World Camel Day 22 June

What is World Camel Day?

World Camel Day honors the incredible camel and its importance in many spheres of life. To highlight the importance of the camel at the global level, Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar founded World Camel Day. Every year since its launch in 2009, World Camel Day has been celebrated on 22 June. Camel habitats observe World Camel Day on this date because it is the longest and hottest day of the year.

A herd of lactating camels grazing on cactus plants in Jigjiga
A herd of lactating camels grazing on cactus plants in Jigjiga

Why a World Camel Day?

Camel is a multipurpose, unique, and very useful animal for livelihood earning in the challenging climatic conditions of its habitats. Because of the towering power of adaptation, the camel ensures food security in conditions where other types of livestock can hardly survive. Camel is an efficient biological machine, converting poor roughages (shrubs, bushes, and dry foliage) into precious milk while consuming a lesser amount of water/kg milk production. The camel extracts water from its excreta and produces an almost dry and hard manure ball, as well as an extract from the urine via its incredible kidneys, producing urine thicker than syrup. Camel produces milk with medicinal and functional properties, rightly called a natural pharmacy. For further details please read the below article.

Celebrating World Camel Day and how it helps in advocating camel at the global level

Who is the author of the World Camel Day?

Dr. Raziq Kakar is a doctorate in animal science, with a special emphasis on dromedary as a potential dairy animal, He has been working with the camels for the last 22 years. He gained practical experience with camels, like a camel dairy professional, both by training and experience. Since 2014, Dr. Raziq Kakar is solely working with a camel dairying entity (Alain Farms for Livestock Production) which is the world’s first commercial camel dairy, Alain Abu Dhabi UAE. In my philosophy, the camel is a magical biological model coping with the warming planet scenario while producing health-promising milk and meat in challenging circumstances.

Founder of the World Camel Day