Camel Milk and Natural Health Camel Milk for Health

My Hypothesis proved correct – CaM is potential functional food for diabetes control

I always claimed of the functional characters of camel milk

Though I did not conduct large-scale trials. I did many interviews, communicated with the camel keepers, having been with the camels for the last 20 years, regular consumer of camel milk, and interviewed camel milk consumers made my hypothesis more and stronger that camel milk is a potential therapy for the complexity of diabetes and other issues but here I would focus on diabetes. I practically conducted small level family and friends trials with the camel milk and was always convinced of the magical power of this superfood.

A meta-analysis of many studies concluded ‘CaM is effective’

To conclude, CM could be used as effective adjuvant therapy for patients with both types of diabetes, effectively reducing the short-term and long-term hyperglycemia parameters, i.e., fasting blood glucose and HbA1c, respectively. Owing to the bioactive peptide and hormone-like proteins involved in CM, the insulin dose required for patients with diabetes could be reduced by the regular long-duration administration of CM. Long-term, more controlled clinical trials are warranted to overcome the raised limitations presented in the high heterogeneity of the analyzed articles and to provide evidence of a more robust conclusive effect on the impact of CM intake of patients with diabetes. For further details, one can read the article in detail.