CaM Product and Cheese

Please Do Not Kill Your Camel Milk (CaM)

Is camel milk alive? This is a very important question. As a whole, maybe you consider the milk as a dead entity or non-living item but the milk is the niche for billions of microorganisms. Such microorganisms are very crucial for the quality of the milk and the health of the consumer. Some microorganisms are dangerous like coliform bacteria and others but the majority of the microbes in the milk are very crucial and beneficial to keep the milk nutritious and healthy and sustain the shelf life of the milk and its products.

Everything is played at the time of pasteurization and with the quality of the milk. We heat the milk at a reasonable minimum precisely to preserve all the properties of the milk: 5 minutes at 65 degrees. at this low temperature, all the elements are preserved, and the health risk is greatly reduced. we tested at higher temperatures. no cheese formation: the milk was dead. between 5 and 10. normally 15, but our microbiological tests are good with this temperature

Francios Tighmert, camel milk cheese maker in Morocoo
CaM cheese made by Francios

Actually, regarding camel milk cheese, important is its properties.
If during the cheese-making process we saved its bioactive components or not? Then soft or hard forms contain high CLA, Ca, antihypertensive peptides, immune-modulatory peptides, lactic acid bacteria, antimicrobial peptides, and opioid peptides.

Dr. Tahereh Muhammadabadi

Looking Forward

I would love to ask you for your feedback about this debate. We should share the knowledge, especially about camel milk. In this article, you can understand the basics of camel milk pasteurization.

Soft Cheese made of CaM
Home level pasteurization of the camel milk to conserve the bioactive ingredients of the CaM

We assume you have very pure, hygienically healthy, fresh camel milk. Pour the milk into a clean pot (Metalic, preferably SS pot) and turn on the heater at low flame. Stir the milk slowly and check the milk temperature from time to time. Take a drop or two with the stirrer and put it on the backside of your hand/palm, if it started burning the skin, the milk is flash pasteurized. So this milk is safe on one hand for consumption and the bioactive molecules and healthy microorganisms are safe. You can make cheese from such live and healthy milk.

Keep your Camel Milk (CaM) Alive

Strong heating will kill your CaM. The dead milk has limited benefits because the major role as a natural healing agent is played by the bioactive molecules and the probiotic bacteria.