General about camel

Camel Branding – Identity of families and treatment for complex ailments

The camels are marked or branded for 2 purposes;
1. Identification (family mark)
2. Treatment of ailment, especially tendons and ligaments

Identity sign

The mark or the mark is a specific sign that is placed on a specific place in the body of the camel so that the owner of this camel is known, and it is ironed with fire. Some tribes/families with their identity signs in the following lines. The marking on camel skin is almost equally common in all camel communities in the world.

The name of camels among the Arab Bedouins has deep connotations other than the fact that it differentiates between them. The camels are marked with a starting point after reaching a year and a half, about 18 months. It is marked in the groin or neck area, or sometimes both

  • Azila puts (a family name tag) that distinguishes it from the rest of the tribe.
  • Al-Sima had a role in preserving the camels, and the invaders, when they found the camels, had the hands of one of the strong tribes, avoiding their invasion of the power of their people.


The material for this post was provided mainly by Muhammad, a camel lover and activist from Morocco.