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Is Camel Milk Free of Lactose?

People always ask the question ‘if camel milk is free from Lactose, I always reply with a big no because camel milk has the same quantity of Lactose as a cow (4%).
Camel milk is misunderstood as low lactose milk which is wrong. Camel milk has the same quantity of lactose as cow milk but the lactate produced (from the camel milk lactic acid bacteria fermentation) in the gut is 100% L-lactate which is not intolerant as D-lactate. Cow milk synthesizes the highest level of D-Lactate, therefore intolerant to some guts (lactose intolerance).

“Camel lactose is strictly the same as cow or goat lactose!! It is probably the product of lactose fermentation (D or L- lactate) in relationship with the camel milk lactic bacteria strains which could be the different response of famous camelogist Dr. Bernard Fay”

Camelogist Dr. Bernard Faye

Lactate is a product of lactose fermentation in the gut, but the natural microflora of camel milk facilitates the production of L- lactate. Here is the link to my article, you can read the comments as well.
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Camel milk is the most important option hope for the future of camel, food security and nature
Camel milk is the most important option hope for the future of camel, food security, and nature
Camel Milk for Health

Camel Milk is the Best Choice

If Available, the camel milk should be the only choice as a dairy product

If not available easily, the should be the only replacement after the cow milk for lactose intolerant people as camel milk is free of intolerant lactose

Camel milk is free of CMAP (cow milk allergin proteins), so the people with CMAP can happily take the camel milk

All white fluids coming from the veg, fruit, or nuts extractions are not milked as the milk is only synthesized in the mammary gland of a living animal

Take a glass of camel milk daily, enjoy your health, vigor, stamina, and happiness

The camel is really a unique creature