camel milk World Milk Day

Why Camel Milk on World Milk Day Agenda?

The Answer is Very Simple

In the last 2 decades, some serious concerns reported regarding the consumption of milk at large, especially cow milk from factory farming. As we are living in the information era so there are many reports from different quarters of the world telling about the cow milk allergy protein, lactose intolerance, poor welfare of cows, methane emission, manure problems, and other health and environmental issue.

In such circumstances, many players are entering the ring, from vegetable milk (though the milk only comes from a living animals’ udder) to buffalo and mare to small ruminant milk. All types of milk coming from healthy animal and healthy nature are very good for our health, I have no doubt but camel milk is the best of all.

Why Camel Milk is the Best?

In my point of view, camel milk is one of the best choices as the camel has the potential of a true dairy animal, produces milk for a longer lactation period, and produces in a very sustainable and healthy mechanism. The milk of the camel is also very special and unique and had been considered as the natural pharmacy. Camel is naturally adapted to the calamities of climate change and produces precious milk without any energy and chemical inputs.

Camel Milk is Immune Boosting

Increased media coverage of climate change and consumers shifting to more natural, immune-boosting “super-foods” in COVID, puts camel milk higher up on the daily agenda.

World Milk Day

The World Milk Day and the Real Heros~Farmers

June 1, World Milk Day and a Glass of Camel Milk

Please raise a glass of camel milk to good health! In COVID-19, from Kazakhstan to Kenya, demand for camel milk is up by 20%, especially home delivery. Great to help the fab camel dairies, pastoralists, veterinarians and experts from around the world to better position and communicate. The cow dairy lobby is very well organized – and now camel milk producers and users with lactose intolerance and other health issues are getting better organized also!

Thanks, Jeffrey Flood for your BBC News 2020 interview which first inspired me to learn more about this superfood, a world with hidden goodness in the most extreme climate. Your knowledge of nutrition, immunity, and health led to the wider camel world with Prof. Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar and so many more. Merci e santé a tous!

Extra important in these tough times to support farmers and pastoralists around the world. Humans and our planet really do need good, healthy food to stay alive and well VS processed, chemical, sugar, or hormone-filled foods which mess with our land and immune systems and can trigger unwanted conditions.

Good health to all!

Samantha Bolton, a camel loving journalist