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An Amazing Camel & Mare Milk Story from Kazakhstan

Camel Milk Story from Almaty Kazakhstan

This troy was reported in a Russian-language newspaper and shared by my friend Dr. Moldir Nurseitova. The link of the story is provided at the end of the article.

Otemis Makan is a camel and horse farmer in the Steepe of Kazakhstan, close to Almaty city. He is farming 225 camels and the same amount of horses and the main driver of his farming is the milk and its value-added products Shubat and Khamis from camel and horse milk respectively. The camels and horses are free-roaming, enjoying nature and eating the flora they like the most. Nature enriches and fortifies their milk and makes it a solution of supermolecules, therefore camel milk is considered a natural pharmacy. Not only the milk but also the urine from such happy camels is considered as a healing agent and functional food.

Otemis Makan with his beautiful Aravana/Aruvana camels

Each Camel has Her Own Name

He loves camels the most and has given names to each milking camel and the calves know the names of their mothers. The calves are kept and reared separately and when the mothers are brought into the milking pen each calf is called by its mother name and the calves really understand their names and run into the milking parlor. One camel’s name is Aisha. The calf starts suckling mama camel and the milk letdown starts and the milking is started. Now the farmer milk the camel and the calf suckle one teat, it is a very natural and friendly way of milk, only the nature oxytocin is induced. Nice husbandry like this further enriches the quality of super camel milk.

Hand milking of the camel, the calf is suckling and preparing the camel for milk letdown.

Fermented Camel Milk (Shubat)

Shubat is centuries old and the firsthand fermentation method of Central Asia nomads to preserve and enrich the milk. The camel milk Shubat is safe and usable for 3 days without cooling/refrigeration. Shubat is the very traditional dairy cosine of Kazakhstan. It is not only considered as food but a very strong healing agent.

Milking the single-humped beautiful Aravana camel

Camel Urine

According to the farmer, there is an increasing demand for camel urine and some people believe that it can heal very complicated health issues if a 5th quarter is added to 4 parts of the camel milk. The demand for urine is there and many people’s feedback is very positive. Me the author personally, I never recommend drinking camel urine.

Collecting urine from the camel.

The camel and horse farming story is very interesting and appealing. Once you started reading, you can’t stop without completing reading all story. I would recommend reading the whole story in the link provided below.