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Global Camel Research and Development Network (GCRDN)

Already launched

The idea of the Global Camel Research and Development Network has already been floated. Many members from different quarters of the world have joined. The camel scientists working in the field are part of the network.
The organization will work in 4 main areas;
1. Supporting research with small grants and technical support (supervisory help) with at least 2 scholarships each year. 2. Developing training material for research and products development
3. CAMEL magazine quarterly, the website will be the posting domain
4. Bi-annual zoom meeting and a conference once in 2 years (physical)

The Body of the Network

A body of working groups will work together to smoothly run the network and support the camel research and development.

A President and general secretary: President will be responsible for the whole organization and the general secretary will keep the communication and record of the whole interactions and happenings

B Proposal review committee: Each year, the committee will call for small grant research proposals, 2 research will be allocated with grants. The president will send the fund in 2 episodes. The researchers will communicate with the head of the committee, and satisfy the committee members.

C Editing and reviewing committee of the CAMEL: Each quarter, the CAMEL magazine will be released. The editor and his team will perform this task. At least 3 articles/field reports, first-hand information of the field, etc will be posted and the maximum can be 6 reports

D Training material production and reviewing committee: The committee will be responsible for finalizing training material for each task like milking, product development, etc.

Please come, join and play your role

I invite you to join our network and play your role in the camel research and development area. Just joining will not help the camel production and research but playing an active and useful role will certainly be useful. Please share the link in your circles and find support for the network. We are not earning from networking, all working voluntarily. The author has already sponsored the first small grant for the research.

Global Camel Research and Development Network

Global Camel Research and Development Network (GCRDN)

The idea of a scientific network on different aspects of camels (production, conservation & management, ecosystems, heritage & culture, and very specific about milk production, product diversification, camel milk business, promotion & advocacy, etc.) is already motivated and the network is organized (though very basic and virtual).

Beauty of the camels
The beauty of the camels

The First Step is Done and the Way Forward

The first step is to manage an email list and WhatsApp group (which we did already done). Scholars, camel scientists, camel milk business/dairy, and products research/diversification professionals are welcome to join. Also, I request the camel milk business entities fund the research proposals. The next step is having a zoom meeting, and organizing a fund for small grants scholarships, a research proposal format, and a committee to review the proposal and accept the scholarship.

Please support the camel research and development

We need support from you all in reviewing, organizational management, fundraising, organization registration of the network, etc. Please note that there is no use in just joining, every member has to invest in 2 ways in the network as; either time for managemental and review work or have to fund for the research grants.
Global Camel Research and Development Network (GCRDN), the main thinktank behind this organization is Camel4life International (advocacy group). We already have a very strong WhatsApp network (more than 250 members) and a website;
Soon we will be calling for a small grant proposal, which will start in 2023, and arrangement for publications. We are going to start a quarterly camel magazine as well for camel news and general articles. I need your help and support. Please give your suggestions about the zoom meeting timing and schedule.