1st ICO International Forum of Camel Research Centers

A webinar with the title as; 1st ICO International Forum of Camel Research Centers was held on 27th January 2022 in the King Faisal University Riyadh with the collaboration of the International Camel Organization (ICO)

Recommendations of the Webinar

  1. Revegetate the deserts using recent technologies to provide a raring area for Camels
  2. Document the available knowledge about Camels and translate it to multi-languages
  3. Support camel breeders/owners to produce efficient milk and meat for sustainable food security
  4. Innovating new products from camel and marketing it internationally based on scientific research
  5. ncourage researchers/postgraduate students to perform scientific research in camel sciences
  6. Support research related to the genetic improvement of camels
  7. Support research related to the development of artificial insemination in camels
  8. Support research related to molecular diagnostic of camel disease
  9. Encourage the public and private sectors to produce medicines and vaccines for camel diseases
  10. Create standard feeding/nutrition programs based on Camel breed/purpose with consideration of age, weight, and other physical factors
  11. Recruiting and training human resources working in sectors related to camel welfare
  12. Full support (financially and others) to the infrastructure, running/operating costs, and research of research institutes concerning Camels. Especially/Priority the Camel Research Institutes
  13. Hold an annual international meeting of Camel Research Centers and faculties of veterinary sciences
  14. Participating countries become members of the International Center for Camel Research in the ICO
  15. Launch an annual award for the best research centre
  16. Establish a periodic scientific journal on cultural and scientific camel sciences
  17. Establish international camel expertise and scientists’ platform to exchange experience and knowledge about the camel

In December 2021, the first camel conference under the patronage of ICO was also held in Rimah – Riyadh KSA, the recommendations were shared with you. You can reach the recommendations with the link below. You can reach the photostory of the conference here;

The recommendations and other relevant material can be found in the links below.