Drink the camel milk (CaM) daily and keep the sickness away.

Dr. Raziq

Camel Originally Domesticated for Milk

Camel was originally domesticated for milk production in harsh and hostile ecosystems of the drylands of the Arabian peninsula. Later on, the trait of walking ability was the major selection criteria to use this precious animal for long nomadic travels (to adapt to the challenge of climate change). The camel is once again turning to its original task and becoming a modern but sustainable farm animal. The high yielding camels are selected and evolved for dairy traits, attracting higher prices as there is un-matching demand for milch camels, especially in Gulf countries.

CaM is a Gift of Nature and a Gold of Desert

CaM is the gift of nature and gold of the desert. The camel milk (CM) is miraculously proving as a superfood and natural pharmacy. Because of the appreciable level and a unique combination of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, protein, and fatty acids, etc.), CM has medicinal properties covering a wide range of ailments. Such ailments are wide in range and comprising of autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, rashes, diabetes, liver disorders, rheumatism, inflammatory conditions, piles, urethral irritation, infectious diseases, stress/depression, peptic ulcers, and even cancer.

The composition and uniqueness of the CaM

Camel milk is a real hero, attracting thousands of people in very different parts of the world. it contains a higher quantity of noble elements (lactoferrin, Vitamin C, Zn, Insulin-like protein, and calcium, etc.)  Vitamin C is well known for its anti-infectious qualities and usually found in citrus fruits. As citrus are rarely available in deserted ecosystems, nature gifted these precious ingredients in the form of camel milk.

Zinc is a vital part of many enzymes (300) of the human body. The high concentration of insulin-like protein (encapsulated in fats) enables it to pass safely from the acidic environment of the stomach. The safe absorption of such protein is instrumental in a high level of insulin in the blood which helps in subsidizing sugar level. 

A Treasure of Healthy Fatty Acids (Fats)

Camels’ milk fat contains a much higher concentration of long-chained fatty acids (C 14 – C 18) than short-chained fatty acids and is, therefore, healthier. The Omega 3 and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is even more important among the other fatty acids. CaM has 3 times more Omega 3 and CLA than naturally grazing cows’ milk. Such compounds are attracting young generations to be kept healthy and attractive. Easy Understandable But Important Features of Camel Milk

CaM is an Ultra-Rich Food

  • CaM is close to human milk, so it is an optimal supplement for the nourishment of the newborn when breast milk is insufficient
  • Contains 18 kinds of amino acids which are pivotal for the wellbeing of the human body
  • No lactose intolerance issue as lactose contained in CaM does not incur allergen
  • CaM combat hepatitis and decrease kidney and liver damage due to alcohol
  • Iron content equivalent to ten times that of cow’s milk
  • The contents of natural Insulin contained in each liter of milk are 52 units, which is more than 3,000 times higher than that of cow’s milk of the same amount (it’s effective in reducing the level of glycosylated (glycated hemoglobin) in the blood.
  • Both the protein contents and calcium of the CaM are higher than that of other kinds of milk
  • Rich in long-chain monounsaturated fatty acids, especially conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), Omega 3, etc (that can lower the concentration in the blood of harmful forms of cholesterol)
  • Also rich in lysozyme, lactoferrin and other special ingredients
  • CaM contains large quantities of antibodies that, similarly, can help to protect against infection.
  • The enzymes like lysozyme and lactoperoxidase, are likely to help combat bacterial infections

Camel is a Super Tolerant Creature

Camel is a climate change challenger, able to provide services and livelihood in the climate change scenario (CCS). Camel depends upon the vegetation which tolerates extreme weather and challenges (salty or no water, eating scanty and woody vegetation). Camels ensure milk yield under the long shadows of climate change.

CaM Washes our Bodies from the Poisons

The manifolds enriched levels of minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, sodium and zinc) than cow milk, making it a strong flush for body toxins. The flushing of toxins is the utmost need of time as we are taking toxins from the poisonous croplands. The Poisonous Fields

A recent study revealed that camel milk has anti-genotoxic (prevent toxification in gene and prevent mutation) and anti-cytotoxic (prevent toxification in the cell). The Nanobodies play an incredible role in this regard.

A Tonic for Mature People

Since unknown times, CaM has been used as the aphrodisiac, especially in the stressful conditions of the dry hot weather. The appealing level of Nanobodies in CM making it very special tonic for making the mood. As well as CM is a nervine tonic and helps in good eyesight. The pastoral people depending on camel milk rarely get weak eyesight.

Cam is an Amazing Skin Care

CaM is a natural recipe for amazing skin as the content of niacin (Vitamin B3) in camel milk is remarkably higher than in cow milk. Vitamin B3 supports the function of the digestive system, skin, and nerves, and improves circulation making it a beauty and health tonic. Also, antimicrobial contents of the CaM heals the acne of the skin.

CaM Ensures Super immune system

The wonderful protein of CaM (protective amino acids and immunoglobulin) is a booster of the immune system and nutritional advantages for brain development. 

Lactoferrin is a fairly recently discovered iron-containing protein that has been shown to have antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-carcinogenic effects.

Therefore, a combination of lactoferrin (bactericidal and iron-binding properties) and lysozyme ( an enzyme which catalyzes the destruction of the cell walls of certain bacteria) ensures a super immune system.

Cam and the Gut Microbiome

CaM diversifies the gut microbiome because of its natural probiotics, GABA and LA bacteria and other constituents (yet to be researched out) and helps in weight control, better detoxification of the body, and boosting the overall vitality of the brain and body. As a personal experience, (taking a glass of CaM daily ) the camel milk really boosts immunity and improves body resistance to the infections (I think both because of the diversification of the Gut Microbiome and the nanobodies and other specialized proteins).

CaM is a Dedication to the children’s World

Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) responding positively after therapy that included camel milk. The low quantity of beta-casein and the lack of beta-lactoglobulin are linked to the hypo-allergic effects of camel milk.

Because of the unique lactose compound, it does not cause lactose intolerance problems in infants. CaM has 100 times more D-Lactate as compared to cow milk. D-Lactate is very healthy contrary to L-lactate which is toxic and causes an allergy found in cows’ milk. Camel milk can be the best replacement for infant food after the mother’s breast because of its child-friendly lactose.

CaM needs Promo and Awareness

Though the demand for camel milk is ever-increasing than before. This demand is from countries where health is the most important topic for people. In its original habitat, CaM is not the top priority drink of the young generation. Unfortunately, they prefer factory-made soft drinks which are a burden on the physiological system of the human body and give a very temporary freshness and satisfaction.

International Camel WhatsApp Group

The author launched an international WhatsApp camel group, more than 150 members have already joined. The group is geographically, technically, and academically very diverse and rich. Anyone who is either camel scientist, owner, keeper, activist or health practitioner can join our group by contacting the author via email

CaM can be a Tool in Emiratization

I would suggest the UAE government promote camel milk among young generations and take it as a part of Emiratization initiatives.

UAE is the only country at a global level producing bulk quantity of pasteurized CaM which is a pure Emirates product. A wide range of camel milk products is available in the market ranging from Icecream to flavored milk.

Gift CaM to the Relatives in your Home Country

The ex-pats of the UAE can gift camel milk powder to their friends and families in their own countries.

CaM does not Transmit any Disease

No disease can be transmitted with the fresh or pasteurized CaM if harvested or pasteurized in a safe way. Blaming camels for transmitting MERS with the milk is just negative propaganda to halt the verticle demand of the camel milk.

CaM can Save the Ship of the Desert from Sinking

There are many success stories of CaM sustainably surviving the pastoral and nomadic communities in Africa, especially in the Horn of Africa and West Africa. There are cultural acceptance and demand for camel milk, therefore there is an increasing population trend of the camel in that region.

There are many small-scaled camel dairying units in the regions other than the original habitats of the camel. There are newly emerging camel dairies in the USA, Holland, Germany, Australia, China, and other countries.

Camel milk is making it possible to generate extra income for the Raika community of camel keepers in Rajasthan, India. Unfortunately, there is a sharp decline in the camel population. The camel lover and activist Ilse K. Rollefson is promoting camel milk to save the ship of the desert. Camel milk processing and development are underway in India and commercial players are entering the business. The dairy giant ‘Amul’ also launched a CaM brand and there is a high demand for the product inside the country.

Public Sector Universities are Launching CaM Brands in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the University of Agriculture Faisalabad initiated pasteurizing CaM withe the name of Dachi and UVAS has launched camel milk pasteurization, and it is commercially available at some outlet of the university. There are some other small groups making camel milk business in Sindh province of Pakistan. CaM is strengthening the economy of the camels’ street vendors in Pakistan and providing fresh CaM on the spot by milking the camel in front of the consumers. Dr. Muhammad Younas (Dachi brand) and Dr. T.N. Pasha (UVAS) are the prominent souls behind the brands.

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad
The author with the great Dr. Younas, Abdul Qadeer Rao (late) and Ilse K. Rollefson.

GCC is Turning into CaM Hub

In Gulf countries, the Central Asian region, Australia, Europe, and the USA, some more entrepreneurs are in the process of launching camel milk business keeping the ever-increasing demand in the consideration. Even, some of the few people contacted me from Malasia and Indonesia asking about the possible camel milk business.

Camelait CaM Powder
Camelicious CaM Powder

Revolutionary Value Addition to the CaM

Camel can be an asset, not a challenge in Australia if trained, and selected for dairy traits. The decision of killing/shooting the poor camels by the Australian government sparked anger among the camel keepers’ communities around the world. Unfortunately, the animal which is well known for its water footprint is blamed and shot as consuming more water and cause water shortage in the country.

In contrast to the belief that CaM cannot be processed is now a matter of the past. The camel milk can be process and value-added according to the consumer demands, though it is a bit tricky and complicated. There are certain value-added products of the CaM. The CaM powder, flavored milk, ice cream, camelcino, Karrak tea, cheese, ghee, Qurooth, etc are available.

CaM butter, harvested by the author with the cottage methodology
CaM cheese manufactured by a French Chef Francios.

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