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Properties of Camel Wool

Dromedary camels live in the hottest parts of the world. Their wool is thick and dense, giving them a thick coat that shields them from the sun and prevents them from losing water.

Does the color drain from camel fleece?

Does water cause camel wool to bleed? Does it change color in the water to its native state? In an attempt to wash the camel wool, I put it in a pail with hot water and noticed an odd thing happened: the water turned the same dark brown hue as the Majaheem camel’s wool. The wool has been tightly woven into a blanket that is difficult to separate or arrange. Kindly share your thoughts with me. Crude camel hair contained 15 – 35% sand and dust. It appears the color of the water after the camel hair was drenched may exceptionally well be credited to this dust. I did a test too, earlier this year. And I can confirm what has been mentioned here: no color, mostly dirty water, and little to no lanolin.

The structure of the camel wool

The outer layer of the fingernail skin contains color granules that are dispersed within the medulla, the central area of the fleece fiber (same as in camel fur). More color granules have accumulated in the fiber’s core the darker the hair. Each strand of camel hair, known as the cortex, has some water porosity, yet a camel is kept dry by its resistance to water. My argument is that this water-resistant outer cortex would need to be penetrated if the common camel hair color were to drain.

Camel Wool is Hard to be Carded and Clean Properly

It is exceedingly difficult to thoroughly clean wool. There is a thin layer of cuticles covering every wool strand. Each fiber’s cuticle layer becomes entangled with one another. With the right instruments and equipment, the majority of it can be carded and brushed. However, when the wool has “felted” it is very difficult to do so.

Camel Wool Grease

How fat is camel wool? Sheep wool has a lot of lanolin, which gives the wool its special properties. I have read that camel wool has low amounts of fat, but perhaps this is not correct.  it’s correct, camelwool contains very little part of lanolin.

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