World Camel Day 22 June

Who is the founder of World Camel Day?

World Camel Day is Celebrated on 22nd June each Year in Different Regions of the World. Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar is the founder of the world camel day.

Dr. Raziq Kakar is a doctorate in animal science, with a special emphasis on dromedary as a potential dairy animal, He has been working with the camels for the last 22 years. He gained practical experience with camels, like a camel dairy professional, both by training and experience. Since 2014, Dr. Raziq Kakar is solely working with a camel dairying entity (Alain Farms for Livestock Production) which is the world’s first commercial camel dairy, Alain Abu Dhabi UAE. In my philosophy, the camel is a magical biological model coping with the warming planet scenario while producing health-promising milk and meat in challenging circumstances.

History of the World Camel Day

WCD 22 June

While compiling my Ph.D. work, and reading piles of books and scientific articles about the camels and camel-related aspects, I realized that there must be a special day to celebrate World Camel Day. This day will be helpful in advocating and promoting camels and spreading awareness among the masses about the importance of the incredible camel in livelihood and food security.

World Camel Day 22nd June
In 2009, the author conceptualized the idea of a world camel day (WCD)

Why do we choose the date of 22nd June?

In its original habitat, 21 and 22 June are the longest and hottest days of the year, in the northern hemisphere of the globe. Camel sustains its abilities of production in such harsh and hostile environments and adapts to the soaring heat and long thirsty days. For further reading about the history of the world camel day, please go to the link below.

How did World Camel Day start?

From 2009 to 2012 WCD was celebrated in the province of Balochistan (the important habitat of camels, 50% share of Pakistan’s 1 million population of camels). Slowly and gradually, we earned support at the country as well as global level.

World Camel Day Poster

In 2013, we launched the WCD Facebook page and received appreciation and support from all over the world. The next year, in 2014 WCD started celebrating in the different corners of the globe. The same year, LMUAF under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Younas launched the Dachi camel milk brand in the university and invited the famous camel lady Ilse Kohler Rollefson to attend the WCD 2014 and inaugurate the Dachi milk. For more details, please click on the link;

Way Forward

World Camel Day is appealing to cameleers from all quarters of the world. Each year new ideas are being floated under the banner of the world camel day. The people are now better aware of the importance of camel than before. We have more knowledge about the different aspects of the camels. There is an international camel advocacy forum (think tank) with the name of Camel4Life International, advocating camels at the global level. The policymakers at all levels are now convinced of the importance of camels in livelihood earning, food security, and ecosystem services of the camel.

Raigi camel of Kakar Khurasan

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Thank Dr. Raziq for your efforts to promote camels in the world. I hope that these events will draw more and more attention to this wonderful livestock in the world. Good luck.

you are welcome and much thanks for that appreciation. I’m quite confident about the success of our efforts. The camel is really hiding from the eyes of the policymakers at global levels.

Best regards

[…] We celebrate world camel day each year on the 22nd of June to highlight the importance of an incredible camel and aware/educate the masses about the role of the camel in food security, climate change adaptation, culture, and ecosystem management. Each year, this day is celebrated in many parts of the world and the interest is increasing with the passing of each camel day. Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar (author) is the founder and author of the world camel day. […]

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