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It is now easy to make yogurt from camel milk

Making yogurt from camel milk was always challenging

It was always challenging making yogurt of camel milk. The people from the different parts of the world were continuously asking such questions, why it is challenging to make yogurt of camel milk? My answer was always the same ‘better take the camel milk as fresh and unprocessed’ I take fresh camel milk on daily basis and it is practically keeping me away from chemical drugs and doctors. In different time periods and in different parts of the world, somehow it was managed to make yogurt of camel milk but always a bit thinner and watery.

What does the new study find?

Study was led by Selda, a member of Camel4life International

A new study conducted in Turkey found an enzyme (biological agent), that makes better yogurt with camel milk. The study was published with the title ‘The influence of microbial transglutaminase on the camel milk yogurt’ I received this good news in the group communication hub of the Camel4life international group which is advocating camel milk at the global level. The study revealed that the sample (yogurt) with the best sensory properties was prepared with 6 U/g microbial transglutaminases (mTGase) and micellar casein. The study concluded that the mTGase improved the gel structure and sensory properties of camel milk yogurt. For your interest and further details, I’m hereby sharing the link to the study.

In 2020, I made CM yogurt at home

Making yogurt from camel milk is a challenge and so is the separation of butterfat. After a lengthy effort and trying different modules, ultimately we succeeded to make yogurt, separated butter, got whey (Shlombey, شلومبئ). During this work, I successfully separated/produced butter from the came milk. The link is available here.

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Dear Dr. Raziq;
I read your interesting article about yogurt from camel’s milk. By the way, i made typical yogurt (camel milk) as that from cow’s milk. In other words , it is spoonable. no whey separation, longer shelf life, etc. I am seeking for investors to commercialize the innovated product.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Prof. N. Al- zoreky
Camel Research Center
King Faisal University
Saudi Arabia

Hi Dear,
My name is Leqaa AlHarbeed. I am Jordainian . I have master degree in reproductive physiology in small ruminant. I was working in National Agricultural Research Center (NARC).
We have camels in my work but I have not an experiance in it, so I would like to learn some information about it if I can?
I dont understand why you are separate butterfat from yoghurt when you are manufecturing it?
When you are manufecture yoghurt what you are doing in milk boil it or just pasturizesd?
Thanks very much

Dear Leqaa,
Thanks for your communication.
In my case, we didn’t remove the fats from the milk. We pasteurized the milk, cultured it with very strong soured cow milk, and put it under room temperature for 6 hours. We removed the cream/butter from the yogurt to make LABAN/LASSI/SHLOMBEY. For other details, you can be communicated with Zoreky, his email is at the end of his article.
Best regards

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