Camel Farm & Milk Production Ecological camel farming

A desert environment at farm for the camels

We have the world’s lucky camels

We provide the desert environment to our camels at the farm. Our camels’ houses are as clean as the desert to provide a comfortable environment for the milking camels and harvest quality milk. We provide a neat and clean environment for our camels. We replace old sand with a fresh one. We clean/filter the bedding sand every day with the beach cleaning machine. The machine filter the sand, collect the manure balls and keep the house very clean. We provide very spacy housing to our camels, so they remain relaxed and happy to provide healthy milk. Their calves/good remain with their moms for the whole milking period. We weaned the calves at the age of 8 months. We provide full opportunity to the calves to stay with their moms and enjoy moms’ company and love.

Cleaning the camel houses with the beach cleaning machine in Alain UAE

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