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The Sad Story of Tragic Demise of Camel Queen

Who was Baigalma Baikal?

She was a well-known cameleer from Mongolia, nature & life-loving person with a kind soul. She was a camel queen and star on Facebook and Instagram. The people loved her lifestyle, exploring the camels’ world and walking with her camels. She started her journey from Mongolia to the UK with a title on BBC “One woman defies all odds by leading a herd of camels over an incredible 12,000km journey from Mongolia to London, UK.

She Lost Her Life in a Fire Incident in Mongolia

She was a well-known cameleer, camel queen, explorer, mountaineer, and adventurer, Mongolian dress designer, nature lover, and soulful camel friend. Baigalmaa Baikal Norjmaa, better known for her project Steppes To The West, traversing from Mongolia to the United Kingdom died in a tragic fire accident yesterday (15 May 2021).

Life is like sand, can’t be hold for longer period of time

Due to corona lockdowns, she wrote that she is feeling suffocated in the lockdown situation. She arranged a traditional Mongolian tent GER and shifted there to walk with the camels, feel free in the fresh air and explore the beauty of nature. She shifted there and the very first night the GER caught fire due to unknown reasons and got serious burn injuries and couldn’t survive.

She was a loving daughter, a wife, and mother of two young beautiful daughters. She was an active member of Camel4Life International.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her mother, husband, daughters, extended family, and friends. We had chatted online on numerous occasions and materialized zoom conferences regarding the camels as a lifeline for nomads.

I was just scrolling through her messages on WhatsApp and thinking of her aims, visions, motives, and kindness. We don’t know when life comes to an end. Love your family, make that visit to friends happen and send a prayer for Baigalmaa Baikal Norjmaa.

Rest In Peace Baikal ???❤️❤️❤️.

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Tragic and heart breaking!!!
May her soul rest in Peace. My prayers are with her children and family.

baigallma baikal
she came to Iran in 2020, she was a great travel companion and we spent 6 nights in the central desert of Iran. We went by camel to Abu Zidabad

Worldwide hump lovers loose a legend!
Me and the whole camelcoin project team are crying for the loss of strength and honor exemple! We offer all our support to her familly.
Hump forever!

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