Camelization of other continent

The Camel is Richest with Names Among All theAnimals

Camel, the Richest with Names

Camel is the richest among all animals with different names. Joseph Freiherr von Hammer-Purgstall, a great eighteenth-century Orientalist, collected 5,774 words for camel and camel-related features and paraphernalia. There are at least thirty different words for camel milk. Yes, then why we use cow terminology for the camel?

Here is the Saddest Side

The camel terminology is mainly derived from a cow/cattle production system in English, which is a wrong approach. I’m giving you food for thought to reconsider and re-establish camel’s terminology. As the camel was domesticated, evolved, and managed for centuries in Arabian Peninsula, the best terminology will be the one used in that region.

Some Interesting Names of the Camel

Arabic has over 100 words for ‘camel’ which at one point had as many as 1,000 words. ‘Al-Jafool,’ for example is a camel that is frightened by anything and ‘al-harib’ is a female camel that walks ahead of the other camels.

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