Camel and Nature Connection

CaM Antibodies Can Help in Shark Conservation

Some 4 years before when I wrote this sentence ‘The camel milk (CaM) can help in shark conservation’, many critics jumped to me shouting with how how how.

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Here is the link to my general article at that time where I wrote ‘ Camel milk is a unique and incredible creature of God. Not only food but a gift of nature for natural health and beauty. This hidden treasure (camel milk) is now attracting the attention of millions of people around the world because of many reasons. The camel milk is finding its way in a world where the camel is not found naturally. Last June, on the eve of world camel day (22 June 2014) Japan’s TV channel NHK interviewed me on this important treasure. They showed interest in camel milk as; Japanese are very health sensitive. In Japan health-conscious people use Shark fins for natural and good health as (they think) Nanobodies (NB) found in Shark fins are health promising. This is the reason that Shark prices are very high in Japan. Recent studies revealed that such NB is found in camel milk far richer than the Shark fins. A famous chef name Chinn (protecting Shark) even claimed “Shark’s fin soup has no taste! You take fins off a shark and you don’t really get anything. There’s no value except what you’re paying for.” Camel milk can be a good source of NB and a reasonable replacement to the Shark fins.

Today, while reviewing some literature I came to scientific work titled ‘Mini-antibodies discovered in sharks and camels could lead to drugs for cancer and other diseases“, published in 2018. Even a scientist working on a llama (small camel) nanobody was key to structure work that won a recent Nobel Prize.

The heavy chain small size antibodies found in camel blood and milk both. These antibodies are several times smaller than those produced by other animals including humans. Dubbed ‘nanobodies,’ they can enter tissues and cells that other antibodies cannot.

The CaM antibodies will open the door for a future’s advanced biomolecular pharmacy to treat all sorts of complicated diseases ranging from resistant bugs to the caners and viral infections to diabetes.

My Philosophy

My philosophy Nature is the Solution’ is coming true and the camel is the flag bearer of this philosophy.


The philosophy always emerges first and then a hypothesis is established and later on research is conducted. My philosophy and assumptions are coming true through the researches conducted with valid scientific methods.

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