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How do you see the Future of Camel Milk and its Business?

Dear camel people,
I hereby table a question before you, why the demand for camel milk could not sustain its pace in 2020? Please share your feedback.

The demand for camel milk increased manifold over the last 15 years, two main drivers are behind this rise; 1. Processing of CaM and awareness about the CaM.
Camel milk is a proven immune booster and anti-infectious along with other important healing properties. Presently the first role is very important because of the COVID19 issue. We expect a sharp rise in the demand for the CaM, but practically, the sale of the CaM shrank and couldn’t sustain its pace compared to last years (2018-2019).
This is a real question, why the demand or the flow declined? I table this question before you and wait for your technical answer. In my point of view, this decline is because of the logistic complications following the negative propaganda linking COVID19 and the MERS altogether.
Waiting and looking forward

4 replies on “How do you see the Future of Camel Milk and its Business?”

It declined because everyone was resigned to our homes and not spending money.
I suppose all those Amazon addicts kept spending, but our needs shrank a lot.
We were resolved to a simpler existence.
I’m still curious about camel milk, but my needs became so Minuscule, I did not venture out beyond a very small boundary!
Karen from US

The current situation globally is not in good shape, millions people starting to lost income, businesses starting to close/bankruptcy, lost mounting due to Covid19. It’s been 9 months when everything started, and keeping money as long as possible into 2021 (maybe 2022) will be most important of anything else. Camel milk price in general are much higher, and milk in general is an optional food for many. Mike from Malaysia

More camel milk consumers were back to their homes and the restricted movement due to Covid 19 containment measure imposed meant that limited volumes of camel milk reached the towns and the processors!
Kisa Juma, Ethiopia

in Europe, it is a problem to transport milk to those who are interested.
Transport by post or parcel services is very expensive because the milk has to be cooled and sent by express.
The supply of milk is limited and buyers have to accept long distances or expensive shipping
Beke from Germany

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