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Researching Camel Milk as an Antiviral Agent in the Context of COVID-19

The quote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates advised hundreds of years before is needed to be unearthed in the today’s situation where there are serious health concerns; microorganisms & toxins, and parasites are finding ways to reach our vital organs at a virulent level and harming our health. Time and again, we hear the bad news about the outbreak of diseases, especially the killer viruses and bacteria which negatively effects the modern world’s economic and social systems and slower the economic growth. The Ebola, HIV, MERS, swine and bird flu etc., are the few examples of recent times.
The current COVID19 outbreak in China is threatening the modern health system and affecting thousands of people, with high epidemic rate, results in mortality, especially the old age groups and the immune compromised people. The people are in panic, the streets are empty and the hospitals are congested.
In this article I’m suggesting camel milk to be use as a food (food be the medicine); 1. to boost the overall immunity of the affected people and revitalize the overall health, 2. To inhibit the viral activity in the body as the unique compounds in camel milk act as antiviral and immune booster, 3. To search out (sophisticated scientific studies) the compounds that truly work against the virus, especially, COVID 19. I hope you will read, comment and present some good suggestion to convince the health scientists to unearth this precious treasure of the nature.

A Novel Idea

The abstract of the whole talk is based on a novel idea to study the repercussions of camel milk on the treatment and control of COVID-19. I’m quite confident that this idea will work and will save precious human lives in a short period of time. Camel milk boosts immunity, flush body from toxins & oxidants, and kills the microorganisms in the body. There are many valid reasons behind such claims and suggestions, which you can read in the following paragraphs. 

CaM is a Natural Pharmacy

Camel is a strange and unique creature and the camel products are very exclusive, especially the white gold milk. Camel milk which I abbreviate as CaM has tremendous potential to naturally heal human bodies from different complex ailments and wash it from poisons. The power to heal complex ailments is coming from the specially designed molecules which work as natural medicine, hence CaM is known as a natural pharmacy.

The CaM had been using as a natural elixir since unknown times by the people in Asia and Africa. The camel keepers in the far and wide regions had been using camel milk for the treatment of different disease conditions. The Bedouins had been using camel milk to treat viral diseases like hepatitis hundred of years before.

Miraculous Molecules in Camel Milk

The findings of different studies available in scientific literature revealing the role of CaM as a healing agent. CaM is fortified with special ingredients like protective proteins (lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, immunoglobulins), micro microminerals, vitamins, and lysozyme, making CaM a super antidote against infectious diseases. CaM’s medicinal properties covering a wide range of ailments as; autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, rashes, diabetes, liver disorders, rheumatism, inflammatory conditions, piles, urethral irritation, infectious diseases, stress/depression, peptic ulcers, and even cancer.

Ongoing Studies

The miraculous potential of CaM is not claimed only based on the traditional knowledge and the novel molecules in its composition but many invitro and invivo studies have proved the worth of the CaM as antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticancerous and supportive therapy in diabetes and other convoluted diseases.
As for as I know, there are many ongoing and planned studies on CaM to understand the pathways of its mode of action and the diseases which can be treated/facilitated with the camel milk. The author is part of some studies thematic areas to study the awesome properties of CaM in human health. Very new updates are the emerging themes claiming CaM enriches the gut microbiome and enhance its healing power and the overall resistance of the body to different ailments.


As we are convinced that nature is perfect and provides solutions to complex situations, so the natural product like camel milk should be given a chance to study if it works against the COVID-19 virus or not. Nature has never unearthed a snag unless an antidote has not engineered within the natural resources. I strongly believe in this philosophy.

7 replies on “Researching Camel Milk as an Antiviral Agent in the Context of COVID-19”

As you know, I’m the admin of the camel international group on WA, I shared the link of the blog in the group. Here is the comment of a well-known scientist (Dr. Tehereh Muhammadabadi) from Iran. you can read in the ensuing lines. “As one of the important effects of caM its the antiviral effect, so its a good idea to be tested on this virus.
CaM has great potent, because of antimicrobial matters, and special enzymes. According to researches, CaM contains protective proteins and enzymes which have antibacterial and immunological properties. lysozymes which participate in primary immune system, and invade pathogens. Immunoglobulins that give the immune protection to the body against infections,
Also lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase…..and other protective proteins. Particularly lactoferrin of caM had anti-pathogenic activity against human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B and C, cytomegalovirus, and herpes simplex virus-1 infection. According to studies its good idea testing of caM on such virus, I agree with Dr. Raziq about this idea

[…] Sometimes before I read the posts of the moms who are keeping their kids on camel milk for certain reasons, claiming that their kids are gaining weight and inclining from the skinny level to healthy levels. Even one mom told me that she found worms in the stool of her kid after the intake of camel milk. Therefore, I always say to give a chance to the camel milk.… […]

Jodie Ashore:
The idea is totally awesome Raziq Ark Biodiversity. However Im yet to see good cooperation between international camel scientists and actually complete a research study. Many good ideas have been floated but none have come to fruition due to challenges in communication, leadership, lack of time and financial constraints. I wish you tons of luck and hope you are able to complete this study even if its as complementary therapy for immune support. CaM has been a game changer for many of my patients.

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