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Ours Own Immune System is the First Line of Defense AgainsT the COVID-19

More than anything, our own defense system (immune) against the infections is more important. We can revitalize and energize our immune or defense system by some good steps if taken properly. Such steps are, 1 taking special food which could be rich with certain nutrients, boosting our defense system. The second is the good exercise, followed by good sleep and turning off the stress machine of the body.
The camel milk is the only and unique food which can help you in all the above 4 important steps as;
Camel milk is rich with special molecules like lactoferrin, Lysozyme, Vitamin C, lactoperoxidase, and immunoglobulin which boost our immunity
Camel milk is fortified with a special quantity and composition of minerals which provide a fine balance of acid base in the body, revitalizing our body and minimizing stress producing hormones
Camel milk provide calmness because of its very positive impact on our hormonal system which trigger our sleep, resulting in a very good and deep sleep
The nutrients’ richness of the camel milk helps in revitalizing our bodies, giving special power for a longer and better exercise
Camel milk is free of allergen proteins and intolerant lactose, good and suitable for all family
With a unique composition, camel milk helps in stress control
So, please give a chance to the camel milk, bring it in your food chain and enjoy a quality life.